The Story of Prosvego

The idea of Prosvego surface over a decade ago when we understood the value of the popular saying “what we eat is what we are”.
As part of this new, healthy diet introduced in my family, all the gluten products were removed. This made us realize that the human body becomes more sensitive to chemically treated food and other products that contain toxins i.e. cosmetics and cleaning products if gluten products are excluded from the diet.
The biggest challenge, at this stage, was to look for alternatives products that do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, and fragrances, flavor enhances, colorants etc. For this purpose, we traveled a lot and, ultimately, reached Berlin, known as the metropole of hippies, yogis, and workaholics. This is a place that has a number of shops offering organic food products. We tried a few organic shops and came to the conclusion that organic food not only is healthier but tasteful and flavorful as well. The flavor of organic food is quite distinct (in a better way) as compared to the food products we get from our regular shop. The difference was so much that my wife, after eating an orange from an organic shop, went on to say that the oranges we get from our ordinary shops taste like a sponge as compared to organic oranges.
This is the time I decided to bring a change in my life. For me, nothing mattered more important than providing my family with environmentally friendly and healthy food. The toughest part here was finding places where I can get such food products from. After a lot of research and experiments, the idea of creating our own food products generated. Our vision was to create food products for which organically grown ingredients are used. They must be free from elements such as gluten, animal products, colorants, fragrances, refined sugar, preservatives, flavor enhancers, and GMOs.
Ultimately, we launched our own brand “PROSVEGO” producing healthy food products in 2017. The name PROSVEGO is made of two parts PROS (comes from ‘pros and cons’ and VEGO (vegetable/vegetarian in British English). So, PROSVEGO is an abbreviation of the adopted meaning & the health benefits of vegetables.